Our Leadership Development Approach

At US Women International, we believe that we have been given Power (the ability to do whatever we put our hearts and minds to), Love (the freedom to love hard and unconditionally), and a Sound Mind (the focus to make decisions that transform us and the world around us).

As program managers, consultants, coaches, and facilitators for non profit and for profit organizations in the talent and leadership development spaces, we’ve observed that:

  1. Women encounter greater barriers when advancing into leadership roles due to a lack of developmental opportunities.

  2. The quality of leadership programs are often low or only focused on who the organization deems as “high potential”.

  3. The culture of most organizations perpetuate the stereotype that women are more effective in support roles than leadership roles.

  4. The advancement of women colleagues creates more isolation rather than solidarity among women.

  5. Organizations fail to see the need to focus on developmental programs for women, or they simply don’t want to invest the time or money.  The ones that do invest, lack the personnel qualified to facilitate such programs. 

What we’ve designed is especially for US WOMEN.

Grounded in research and qualitative feedback from a diverse group of women leaders, our leadership approach:

  • Is for women at different stages of their life and career

  • Addresses some of the complexities that come with being a woman and a leader

  • Extinguishes the notion that women must lead like men to be successful and embraces the many qualities women have that make them effective leaders

  • Balances character and competence – We believe that character has no boundaries, and the level in which you lead your life drives everything else

We offer leadership development experiences for women like YOU — seeking to become more of who you are as you journey through these four domains and master the behavioral competencies of each:

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