Unapologetically Speaking
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Meet Jamie:

A no-nonsense truth-teller. Her mantra is to live life to the fullest—without regret. She is a seasoned talent management and leadership development professional with a background in learning and development, global diversity, inclusion, education, and organizational effectiveness. When Jamie is not solving some of the world’s toughest people issues, she is doing what every other determined woman on the planet is doing; striving daily to find a balance between her current self and her next self. A risk-taker at heart, Jamie is a master at overcoming adversity and achieving success through unimaginable odds. She is a courageous leader and agent of change who is skilled in increasing the capacity for deeper reflection and mindfulness. She is a sophisticated problem-solver helping others to recognize the silver lining in all circumstances. Her transparency is freeing and her authenticity is encouraging. Her proudest achievement is being a mother to her teenage daughter. Her greatest joy is seeing others live out their purpose on purpose.

“We as women innately have so much to offer that we often give of ourselves unknowingly. When we are not consciously aware of how much we are giving, we become depleted and emotionally bankrupt. To survive and live our best life unapologetically we must maintain a deliberate awareness to never let ourselves go empty.”

- Jamie D. Dinwiddie -