Unapologetically Speaking
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Meet Elisha:

An energetic, passion-filled visionary, known for her enthusiasm for self-awareness and development.  For a decade, Elisha has served as a leadership coach, consultant, and facilitator in the retail and healthcare industries. She has a keen ability to “push and pull” others’ through transformative experiences with a perfect balance of grace and grit. Elisha’s inquisitive nature and hopeful spirit inspires individuals to leave better than they came. Her gifts transcend the professional world, as she plays the role of a wife and mother, devoted to teaching her three daughters how to face adversity with power, love, and self-respect.  Although her experience consists of edifying and supporting a diverse audience, Elisha has a special calling to empower women. Through the years, Elisha has been on a journey searching for her own unique, unapologetic voice; and now that she has discovered it, her commitment to helping other women find theirs is stronger than ever.

"As women, we must live a life of purpose, unapologetically.  When we embrace our authentic selves and begin leveraging our unique gifts, power, and voice in the way we’re meant to, this world will have no choice but to give us the respect, love, equal opportunity, and excellence that we deserve.”

- Elisha J. Hill -