Unapologetically Speaking
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We offer the following experiences:

Unapologetic Leadership: A Woman’s Code to Living Boldly©

An online learning program designed to cultivate an intrinsic commitment to women leading by example, with bold passion, that expresses altruistic love, and that intentionally transcends and transforms the lives of others.  

A Voice Becoming
(inspired by the book A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno)

A unique experience for girls ages 10 – 16. This 12-month program is designed to introduce adolescent girls to opportunities that teach them how to create, lead, sacrifice, fight, and love like purpose-driven young women through lived experiences and mentorship.  We want to be able to offer this program at no cost to young girls all over the world using some of the proceeds from our leadership programs. 

We also do:

Speaking Engagements

Workshop Facilitation