Unapologetically Speaking
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On the Unapologetically Speaking podcast, hosts Jamie and Elisha will speak on some of the most pressing issues concerning women.  They will invite other women to share their unapologetic experiences and how they’ve journeyed through defining moments.  Jamie and Elisha’s vibrant personalities and charming intellect will make you laugh, cry, and contemplate life’s toughest decisions and inspire you to live a life of standards, free from compromise and unnecessary detours. 

What does it mean to be Unapologetic?

We believe that being unapologetic means to live authentically in your truth.  As women, we encounter many defining moments in which our decisions can shape and mold us into who we become and introduce us to our own unique voice. 

It’s easy to be distracted by comparison and timid as we are held to expectations that limit us and make us “play small”.  Being unapologetic means we are committing to living boldly, lovingly, and intentionally when it comes to our lives and the lives we are purposed to impact.