Unapologetically Speaking
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“It all started with a conversation.  Well actually…multiple, passion-filled conversations about women, global leadership, our daughters’ futures, and equity.  We knew that by sharing our lived experiences, we could inspire other women and girls to find their voice and make an impact. US Women International and the Unapologetically Speaking podcast are simply byproducts of the calling we feel is on our lives to prepare globally-minded women leaders for the world and vice versa.”

- Jamie D. Dinwiddie & Elisha J. Hill, Co-founders of US Women International and Co-hosts of Unapologetically Speaking -

US Women International, is a global leadership development consultancy. Jamie and Elisha aim to create the largest global network of women and girls who intentionally choose to speak, empower, and support one another in their journey towards leading and living unapologetically. Utilizing the lived experiences of women around the world, they will build a global leadership pipeline of coaches and mentors who uplift and cultivate the next generation of women leaders. They endeavor to not only discuss issues that concern women, but to be women of action who advocate for the underserved in areas such as healthcare and education. Jamie and Elisha invite you to learn more about their passion and what led them to want to serve women across the world.